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The Déjà Vu Vintage Story

Tired of mass-produced same-old and what was commonly available in the malls in Singapore, Déjà Vu Vintage was started on a lark.  


It was an uphill battle, considering that in Singapore, and Asia in general, people were always chasing after the latest, newest edition of everything from housing to tech gadgets. The value of something old, nostalgic and unique was often overlooked, and not many had heard of 'vintage clothing'. In our early days and even now, we often encounter customers who like our pieces but could not overcome their fear of wearing something that was potentially secondhand. But we were relentless about educating customers and imparting our love of vintage.


Déjà Vu Vintage continues to distinguish itself with an unparallelled collection from the 1940s to the 1980s, consisting of stylish, eye-catching and rare pieces in top condition. These include gems from top designers like Chanel, Prada, Oscar de la Renta, Pucci, Missoni & more. All pieces are drycleaned prior to hitting the racks, and alteration services are available inhouse.


We also carry a selection of lovingly handmade accessories from independent designers around the world. Customers from all over come to Déjà Vu Vintage for our selection of premium vintage, handmade and everything one-of-a-kind.