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About Us

Free will. It's great, isn't it? You can choose what you want to wear.  So enough of mass-produced fashion cloning – how about fashion that says something about the individual you are?

Listen up. Everything in Déjà Vu Vintage is stylish, one-of-a-kind and heart-achingly precious. Most likely eco-friendly too.

Dressing to stand out in a crowd is now child’s play. (Play, now there's a word we like.) From casual, quirky day dresses to stunning cocktail numbers, designer vintage, handmade and one-of-a-kind accessories, ...what’s in store is completely unpredictable from week to week.

The only sure thing is that we don’t have boring mass-market bleah.

Take a cue from vintage fans/ style icons Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Julia Roberts and Alexa Chung. And fashion houses who are using vintage fashion as inspiration and putting like-minded designs on the international runways. For nothing is more current than vintage for the fashion-wise.

There exists only one of each precious piece at Déjà Vu Vintage – each item is personally selected, and imported from the U.S, Europe, Australia or Japan. And to make sure shopping truly is retail therapy, we've banished the messy displays and rummaging associated with vintage shopping. Shopping at Déjà Vu Vintage is true pleasure in an elegant, spacious environment.

Besides, who can deny the little voice whispering urgently within: "I'll make that mine and mine only".


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